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Flatbed Towing Services | Top Roadside Assistance Company

Flatbed towing: is the most secured type of tow!

You may need that service if your car got into an accident or you are experiencing a breakdown.

There is a rollback motor on top of the truck, that can pull the vehicle on top of the bed. When the car is pulled up, it will be secured into the flatbed truck bed with straps or chains.

Flatbed towing is ideal for all-wheel drive, SUV's, heavy vehicles like pick up trucks, vans, and utility trucks.

When towing a car that was previously damaged, flatbed will be the safest tow to avoid additional damage, unlike the wheel lift truck that can cause more damage when lifting the car.

If you have a classic or luxury car, it is highly recommended to tow it by a flatbed. Only in a few scenarios when the car has no keys or locked steering wheel, you may use other kinds of tow.

The main disadvantage of the flatbed truck that it can't reach tight parking lots since it won't be able to fit into the entrance or there will be not enough space to maneuver.